Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Loki's Revenge

This story is about the God, Loki, rather than the comic persona Loki.

                “Sabine, you cannot go through with this plan. It’s crazy. NO, it’s beyond crazy.”
                Sabine eyed her friend Jessica. She often though that Sabine’s ideas were crazy. Nothing much had changed in their twenty years of friendship. Jessica was beautiful, in a librarian sort of way. In all of these years Sabine had never gotten her to cut loose and really enjoy life. Maybe, one day.
                “Jessica, the idea is crazy. I agree, but I’m still going to do it.”
                “Why!? Do you need revenge that badly?”
                “Maybe, I do. This is about more than just revenge.  This is a chance to bring Loki into the physical world.”
                “See! That’s crazy. Why would you want to bring him here? He’s not exactly known for being a nice guy.”
                Sabine shook her head. She had gone over this with Jessica at least a dozen times. Letting out a heavy sigh, she tried to think of another way of approaching the explanation to try and get her friend to understand.
                “Jessica, do you trust me?”
                “Of course. Why do you ask?”
                “I don’t think I can ever explain this in a way you will truly understand. I just need you to trust me.”
                Jessica looked at her friend thoughtfully. They had been through so many things together. It wasn’t like Sabine was asking her to participate in the plan. Maybe she should just back off. Perhaps, Sabine would change her mind if Jessica just gave her a little space.
                “Alright, Sabine. I’ll let it go, for now.”
                Jessica’s for now sounded ominous enough. Sabine was glad for a reprieve even if it was a short one.
                The plan had started several months ago when she decided to take on a consort. It had been a long time since she had taken a consort. Roark had been killed in a plane crash over ten years ago, and Sabine just didn’t have the heart to take on another. She had lovers aplenty, but a consort was special.
                A consort shared not only her bed, but her power. Sabina had been a high priestess for decades her primary Goddess was Morgaine, though for the last decade she had also worked with Loki. She’d taken a lot of heat for that from her coven and temple members, but she stayed steadfast and they learned to trust her anew.
                Nearly a year ago she met a young man who she connected with on so many levels. The sexual chemistry between the two of them had been combustible. Lucas was 25 to her 57 years of age. Not that she looked 57, no the spirits had been kind to her and had gifted her with youth. She didn’t plan on living forever, at least not in this body, but she still had lots of work to do for her Goddess. Sabina looked like she was in her early twenties.
                Her long raven tresses fell past her waist framing her heart shaped face. Her green eyes nearly glowed with brightness. Her skin was a flawless porcelain. Her face was completely wrinkle free and dewy soft. She was tall for a woman, nearly six feet in height and curvy. Her figure was Marilyn Monroe perfect with just a little more sand in her hourglass and generous bosom.
                At first, things with Lucas had been amazing. The sex was out of this world, he was kind, loving and generous. He was also pagan and they each benefited from the other’s energy. Being her consort had given him a lot of power, both in her coven and magically speaking.  They were both polyamorous and had other lovers.
                About six months into the relationship Lucas had started dating a new woman. He had wanted her to be a part of Sabina’s coven and a part of their relationship. The first few weeks things were fine, then Sabina caught the little skank in lies. She confronted her about it.  Jessica had denied everything and ran straight to Lucas. He hadn’t been pleased with Sabine.
                Sabine had stood her ground. She didn’t accept people in her life that played games and she warned Lucas that Jessica would be out on her ass if it happened again. It didn’t take long for Jessica to try and play more head games. Sabine had banned her from the temple, the coven and her home.
                The relationship with Lucas had gone downhill from there.  In the end, Sabine had ended the relationship. She was broken hearted but knew it was the right thing for her and for the coven. In the following weeks Sabine found out that Lucas and Jessica had been together for a couple of years. She also found that they had planned on using Sabine for power, and money.  She was furious with them and was going to cast several nasty spells to make their lives miserable, then Loki stepped up with a better plan.
                During their time together Loki had tried to convince Lucas to let him “jump” into his body so he could make love to Sabine. Lucas said he would but never got around to actually going through with it.  Now she and Loki were planning quite the surprise for Lucas and Jessica.
                The spell to get him there for a date was easy enough. Their chemistry had never waned, even during the end of the relationship. Halloween would be in a few days and Sabine would have to spend that time creating the magical dagger she would be using.
                The days flew and Halloween night arrived. Sabine had taken special care in getting ready for the evening.  She chose a black velvet corset with silk ribbons, matching panties, garter and silk stockings. The kind with the black line running up them.  Her raven tresses hung loose, down her shoulders and back. They were brushed to a fine sheen and gleamed like raven’s feathers in the moonlight.
                As a finishing touch she used blood red lip stain. It wouldn’t come off until she took it off. A little Hollywood secret she had learned from a friend. The perfume she chose was made especially for her from a French perfumery. Armand was not only one of the premiere perfumers in the world, he was also and on again, off again lover.
                The scent was intoxicating in and of itself. Sabine cast a spell on it to make sure it would ensnare Luca’s full attention.  The doorbell rang a little after 11 p.m. He was early, he must be eager. Good. This was a very good sign. Sabine smiled before she opened the door, she knew that Jessica would not, could not interrupt them. No, she would never interrupt anyone again.
                “Hey, babe.” She purred as she opened the door and let Lucas in.
                She could hear him growl as he took her in from head to toe.  She smiled at him coyly, and leaned in to kiss him. He was 6’6” so even in heels he was taller. It was one of the things that had first drew her too him.  
He cupped her face in his hands, bringing his lips to hers before claiming her mouth in a passionate kiss. Heat shot through her immediately, both from touching him and from knowing what was to come.  His hands roamed down her body and cupped her ass, squeezing it as he deepened the kiss. Their tongues dancing, darting, and tasting each other. She could feel his hard length pressed up against her.  
Damn, she thought, they were going to have to do a lot of foreplay to stall for time. Of course, she could just get him hard again and again. It was a gift she had. Growling more loudly, he picked her up and carried her to her upstairs bedroom.
He laid her on the bed and crawled on top of her sliding his hands down to her panties. She thought she heard him mumble sorry as she ripped them off her body. She was wet and ready for him. His fingers finding their way inside her. He immediately found her g-spot and curled his fingers to hit it while he kissed down her neck and the top of her breasts.
He brought her to orgasm at least a dozen times before he pulled off his own clothes.  Once he was he was inside her, she demanded to be on top. She slowed the pace down a bit, teasing him. She needed to wait until just the right moment.
Sabine’s heart quickened as she felt him near orgasm. Quickly looking down she saw his eyes were closed and knew this was the right moment. The perfect moment. She pulled the hidden dagger out of the back of her corset and plunged it into his heart.  His eyes opened in surprise and pain.
“Never, mess with a witch.” She said, smiling at him as the light faded from his eyes.
She used magic to keep him rock hard as he drew his last breath she released the magic in the dagger and felt Loki enter his body. As the light faded from one life, a new one took its place at the very same moment. She watched as Luca’s long blonde hair turned as jet black as hers. His eyes faded and became Loki’s.
A large smile crossing Loki’s face. “I’ve waited so long to be this deep inside you.”
A few thrusts later and the God came inside the priestess.
Sabine imagined that far below them in the dungeon, chained to the wall, Jessica must have whimpered when she saw Sabine plunge the knife into Luca’s heart. She wouldn’t have to grieve for long. Sabine had plans for her to be as dead as Lucas was.

19th- Shakir
31st- All/Any  

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